Adventures In Greece

Scene 1+the scenes that have come before

HWOLTBB:  Enough of this.  I've got something to show you.  Come this way.
Joe:  What.  Is this a pig pile or something?
Kelly:  Oh, smeg...
HWOLTBB:  These cables lead to a dungeon of pidgeons.
Joe:  Dungeon...  as in big smelly thing with dead people and lots of torture devices?
HWOLTBB:  Yeah, one of those.
Kelly:  Sounds like fun.  I've always wanted to be hurt between stone walls.
Bob:  Oh, yeah?
HWOLTBB:  Shhh.  look!
Kelly:  An old monestary!
Joe:  An old monestary!
Bob:  A big building with holy water and popes and stuff, except not any more!
Kelly:  Look, there's a staircase down there.
HWOLTBB:  That's the entrance to the dungeon.  Shhh.  I've got something to show you.


Scene 2+whatever

Kelly:  What the SMEG is that?  It's...  IT'S A TACO BELL!
Bob:  Oh, no...
Joe:  What can they want?  We can't offer them anything.
HWOLTBB:  I'd like a large thin crust cheese with everything.
Taco Bell Clerk:  Everything?
TBC:  I'm afraid I can't do that.
Bob:  Oh, my lord...
Kelly:  you know...  One pie with everything on it...
TBC:  Nope, we don't sell those.  Would you like to play again?
Joe:  No.  Next level, please.
HWOLTBB:  OK, come on, the stairs are over there.
Bob:  let's go!
Buddist(To TBC):  Can you make me one with everything?

Scene 3+whatever

Kelly:  It's dark down here.
Bob:  Dark.  No ligh
Kelly:  Yes, no light.
Bob:  Do you know WHY there's no light?
Kelly:  No, sorry.
Bob:  Because there's no light to see!
HWOLTBB:  Oh, of course, I'd forgotten.
Joe:  On the ball again, Bob!  Put 'er there! ...  But it's still weird here.  
	Large torture devices on the walls 	and blood stains on the floor...  
	Take Atilla the Hun and Jackson Pollock and what have you got...?
Bob:  Ronald Reagan?
Kelly:  No, He's right.  This isn't the fifth planet from NOMEANSNO.
Joe:  It isn't?
Kelly:  No.  It's the 94th DIMENSION.
Bob & Joe: Oh *NO*!
Kelly:  Yes, I'm afraid it's...
Bob, Joe & HWOLTBB:  CHRIS' MIND ...  ARGH!  Run AWAY!!!!!

--NO, I'M NOT.--

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