Used Watches

	 J & I
	Sat in starlet plantations
	  Top of the roof
	And watched the fucking fireworks
	And listened to Jimi Hendrix
	And felt so fucking proud to be American
Living in -- voices smoking over a barbeque carcass -- living in
	       The Great Experiment
If it's still all right to call it that.
	I remember:
Driving, and she was a picnic basket
   Taking on the world in all its lugubriousness and
   Running around like bottle rockets
	Too swift to be stalled by mere friction.
And inside it was nothing but Mel Torme and the Boston fucking
	Pops and day-glo Walmart buy-one-get-one-free
	patriotism dot the i's and cross the t's.
And we wondered why anyone would shut off Jimi Hendrix
	playing the Star-Spangled Banner,
	when it's the greatest fucking
	tribute to this country we've ever heard
	  and if you listen it's fireworks, not
	  fucking cheese Mel Torme
	  and the yankee fucking doodle dandy 
	  whitebread supermom safe man, it's safe.
	He said: I love America because of Paul Simon and Jimi Hendrix.
I love America because of Jim Morrison, bloody red son of fantastic L.A.

	And it was all about Los Angeles and through the haze
we could see the smoke from the fireworks
	dancing through the streetlights and Saabs
and a million half-eaten potato chips.
  Drunk on California wine and California life and
   lilting on the possibilities of art and something about
   the human condition and laughing out loud to Ginsberg
	because it was just so funny
   so funny to hear them read it like a prize and a matching autograph
	when right then I didn't need anyone to tell me what it was like to
	be an American because I was one and I was in the middle of it all.
		  And the secondhand citizens looked deep within themselves
		and pulled a plastic fork from somewhere in the depths
		of their soul (and called it macaroni) and and and.