Cold spy
   watercress dungeons
Making a momentary --          not quite
             into recognizance
          Summer Frosty(r)
she's a swank little daydream
        and go fly now, fly now
        little seven
    swinger thyroid with the half-knot
           go make that turnaround
it's a straight shot
on a long road
on a hot day
             with nothing to lose.
so go fly now.

       Yeah it was more
    Twelve-dollar bingo parlor &
             like a piggybank
    he sat stool happy she
stood like a lawyer
glanced like the Hague
    in a boat of their own spittle
           so comfortably

       Looked at me for
    something, a sign,
           I had a hand in
      my pocket and it wasn't mine,
just screaming, screaming little moans
 like a fucking pig all night long
wee wee wee. wee wee wee. wee wee wee.

        day-old-bread later-on
     clutching tea saucer sleeves
 audience participation
        I'm thinking, she'll
    probably get it all
    wrong one more time
don't want this conversation,
don't want this invitation,