Moist, Creamy and Fleshy
Shallow doldrum
squishyflesh -- "moist, creamy
and fleshy," she said, the
bitch --
  Now I'm smoking regret
and penny loafer whitewash
and langouring in the stupidity
of a million dietcoke
bottlecap backrubs.
  Like a fish fig palm outside
front porch in sad summertime
her and her and her and her
hip hip denouement breadcrust
cheesecrust dreamcrust spine.
  Your posturepedic refill
snorkeling left me dry and
it's so easy yeah it's so
easy but it's so hard to
mean it when you smile
invitation and backwards
gently --
  ride you up against a
wall spelled C-U-R-I-O-S-I-T-Y
tweak toes and starlight
roses squealing blues
  Your fat curtains smelting
she says no time left
for that so I vein
arsenic arsenic arsenic.