Flamred Waterfront
stalwart companions shallow
nothing shitting housebricks
yellow on loneliness and
I and I don't feel with
my fingers anymore

Tongue tongue tongue
Beach bingo butt-fly
cybermaim ghost child
flits in simmered metaphor
rots like voodoo drippy
boils from masonite jars
and desire and I
and I don't taste with
my fingers anymore

Maharishi your
fluorescence holes me
longing for another
pleasant valey wet dream
doorbell liquor store candyman
candyman candyman candyman
candyman I saw ya
glucose on the rocks
foundations in spiderman hues
and catharsis and I and I
don't think with my fingers

Break -- chocolate facade
amber tint to overshadow
molten glances nature's
wonders dog beach
been there screaming impotence
now listen now you listen
here to ignorance and I
but I don't listen with
my fingers anymore
more more more more.

Creeping tanline sandwich
legbite smiles and celibate
seething crocodiles and
everything nice bleeds sooner
or later sooner or later
alligator.  Singsong pantomimes
left-behind hand-me-downs
lips lips and now you say
you never said but no,
it all bleeds tonic copper
breathing bleating more
more more and I and I
don't finger anymore.