Eavesdrops for Redeye

Got my finger
      doorjam tender
      love-me suite
Not a know and no know
      No nose
            Hold it
         Hold it down  Mr. Kicking
    Little missed and
    She's ATM standby and says
 "It's not a Dear John letter"
       Crying actor he's confused.
   No let me explain
     12 singles change in my pocket
    And communication. stops.
               I was saying
               I was staying
            Saying little
                  Thinking big
          She was
             (not talking to me)
             certificate of emotion
           Lonely. Oversated.
                 Lone.  Essence
       OK so she's simply real,
         Better by the acting
              and says
         "Have you ever had to cry like that?"
         Rhetorical question.
    Shooting vicarious
            & I'm hypodermic
         (skin deficiency?)
          No, no, that's you.
        Bloodstream friendly
            Safe and warm
          Subject/Verb confusion
              sidetrack chugga --
            Stop. Gap.

            Back to the story
           and she says "I
            wrote you a letter"
            and she's in love
            And he's foggy eve withdrawn
                This means of devotion.
               Devotion. Standard deviation.
                  I'm listening.
                  I believe this scene.
                  My deposit.
                  For the interest.