The Color of CACAS

color of money, and I'm NOT talking about the lame movie with that
Doink of an actor in it. Heck no. It's kind of odd really,
that is should turn out that way. I mean, we tried to charge
exactly what it cost to print our two books so that we wouldn't
make any smegging money, because it basically goes against our
grain, but some of us couldn't spell, much less make proper change at the time.
So we ended up blowing the profit on a quite tasty mongolian BBQ.

us went far, far away. 50% of us did, actually. Some others of us
did not go very far at all, at least not permanently. Some dabble in
making music, some don't. Some have high-brow well paying jobs,
some DON'T by a damn long shot. Some do by a VERY long shot.
Some need to be shot.