The Pope, with the scalpel, in the laboratory


"Oh sir, you've arrived quite unexpextedly, sir"

"have I now, mildred?"

"Yes, sir, I'd have thought you'd have been 'round about the shops"

"Would I have, mildred?"

"Yes, sir"

"Well, nevermind that... Fetch the Ms. straight away shall you, mildred?"

"Sorry, sir"


"Well, she's out"

"Put out?"

"No, sir, it's christmas eve, and she's at the gown"

"Ohhhhh, at the gown"

"Yes, at the gown, sir"

"Al'right, the gown, Who's she gone with then?"

"Well... you, sir"

"With me?"

"Yes, sir"

"Well, if she's not with sir, then what sir is she with then?"

"With sir, sir"

"I'll just fetch her straight away then, shall I?"

"Yes sir"

"Mildred! Mildred! Don't dally, that's a good girl. Mildred!"

"Yes sir?"

"Not you."


"Mildred! Where ever has she gotten off to?"

"I believe she's at the gown, sir"

"Ah, well, I'll just run off and fetch her then. I'm feeling a bit peckish."

"Yes, sir"





"Darling, I..."

"Don't say it."

"Lets dance"

"I would love to mildred."

"I know"


"Yes, Mildred?"

"Marry me"

"You know that there could be no happiness for us."


"And you're already married."

"Oh, I had forgotten"



"Who was that man you were dancing with?"

"Oh, some peon, while I was waiting for you, darling"

"Lets dance."

"I would love to darling"


(to be continued)