My Tummy Feels Funny. Soapy Frogs Get funky- like my diaper! Yeah! Ungh! Huh!

Right, musn't dayy, got a bucket of soapy frogs to runnegig.
Hey, are you living with those llamas yet? not llamos.
Here's an poems for your CACASACASCAS section.

Here's what she said:
I know that he's dead
But we can make some profit
Before they put him in his coffin

She said to me:
I'll let you see him for free
Just please don't touch the body
Because it may have started rotting

  • Chorus:
  • Remains to be seen
  • Remains to be seen
  • Everybody's paying
  • to see him turn green
  • Remains to be seen
  • Remains to be seen
  • 5 minutes for a dollar,
  • and 2 bucks for 15

    She tells the kids:
    Just open up the lid
    And then with a mighty creak
    You'll see how he looks this week

    She may be mad
    But for now at least she's glad
    She's got treasure to be plundered
    Before they put him six feet under.

  • Chorus

    Hey hey mama
    You look like a llama
    That's double-l ama
    Spanish for love.

    He keeps his dreams in a box by the mantle
    takes them out some nights after work
    You'll see him staring out into the distance
    then coming back to the present with a jerk
    His convalescence is a symptom of stagnation
    and the longer he seeps the sicker he'll get
    He's got a trenchcoat in the back of his trenchcoat closet
    but he's afraid to put it on lest he find it doesn't fit.

    Jesus saves his Camel Cash
    And keeps a close watch on his stash
    He's got a pile that's damned colossal
    He's gonna buy a Camel apostle
    They'll sit and smoke the whole day through
    And then they'll knock back one or two
    Have a beer, it's on the altar
    They've got pretzels and pillars of salt there
    Yeah, just kick back with your pal Jesus
    He ain't got no venereal diseases.

    Bak in Brak smallheads!