Adventures In Greece

Bob:  Hey, can you help me?
Joe:  Here, have some tissue.
Bob:  Thanks...  Just a sec., give me minute.
Kelly:  Are you OK?
Bob:  Wait, almost there.
Kelly:  Well, hurry up, there's a baby girl starving to death here.
Bob:  May I refer you to passage 4:94 where God states quite clearly...
Kelly:  Don't.  Just feed  her.
Bob:  Me?  Why not you?  You're the one with the breasts.
Kelly:  HEY!  Have you ever heard of women's lib?  You know, like equal rights, etc...
Bob:  OK, OK.  Give me a sec.  Where's the nipple?  Ok, there it is.  Here you go...  Cha cha cha...
Baby Girl (Samantha):  Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Bob:  Shhh...   Time to eat.  Mmmmm  Nipple!  Yummy yummy yummmy good for your tummy.  Taste the salty goodness.
Kelly:  You're supposed to be soothing her, Bob.
Joe:   He IS soothing her!  Coochie coohie coo!  Cables...  Stinking drunk!  Marc Almond!
Bob;  Oh, SMEG.  Here...  Rockabye baby in the treetop...
Sam:  GURGLE...  URGH...  aheh....  WAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Joe:  Shhhh.  Yummy lunch!  Today, for your treat, BOB NIPPLE!  Yum... yum!


Two years later...

Sam:  WAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha!

Oops:  Author's mistake!  20 years later!  Sorry!

Sam:  You and you.  To the banquet hall.  You and you.  Cover the stairs.  
	You and you...  Er, eat, drink and be merry.

You and you:  GO GO GO!
You and you:  You and you in place. Awaiting further instructions.
Sam:  Hold until my mark.
You and you: Cha, Cha Cha, Cha Cha Cha Cha Cha Cha Cha Cha Cha.
You and you (all the men, it's a sexist world out there, folks):  May we have sex with you, sir?
Sam:  Not until five minutes before the closing credits.  And even then, all you're guaranteed 
	is a smooch.
You and you (yes, YOU too):  Oh, SMEG.
Sam:  And only if it directly affects the plot.  Or will get the fathers to see the movie.  
	Either one.  Just call me SHOWGIRL!!!
You, you, and me:  Yeah!  Take it all off!
Sam:  Do you really think I should?
Us:  Trust us!
Sam:  OK, well here goes...
Them:  Wow!  What a body!
The dads in the audience:  Oh my lord!
The censors:  We can't censor this!  THIS is ART!
The Author:  Thank you, thank you.  I couldn't have done it without your imagination.  
	So, everyone, lets all 	give a warm Adventures In Greece welcome to... Mr. Imagination!
Mr. Imagination:  Hey, it's great to be here.  You're all such wonderful people!  
	As if you needed me to 	tell you that, haha!  Hey,  I accept this award, but don't thank 
	me!  I owe everything to you!  Give yourselves a big hand!
Sam:  What about me?
Mr. Imagination:  And a warm welcome to the good looking naked chick!
MPAA:  This is going to be R rated, isn't it?
Author:  No!  you can't do that!  Not in my moment of triumph!  Besides, this play has already 
	been rated 	"NOT RATED".  You can't take away my revenue!
MPAA:  200 bucks.  Under the table.  And not a word of this to anyone!
Author:  Deal.
MPAA:  OK,  It's signed in blood then.
Author:  Hey, all you AIG fans!


--YES... THAT's RIGHT, Act VII!--

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